“Style is the perfection of a point of view.”– Richard Eberhart

We live in times where people continue losing the sense of style. Every year get more hard to find a man in suit or using a tie. Clothes do not define who we are, but for me are a way of self-expression. Clothes are like a seal, tell a lot about the person behind. Dress well are like good manners. For me a man wearing a suit will never be out of fashion. A men in a suit are easy to the eyes and tend to cause a good impression. It does not mean that always men wearing a ties and suits are the best or good or do not make mistakes, but more than less, they are people that tend to be more educated, with better manners, more caring, more professional and many others good things more. Then for all of you reading this, sometimes is not possible for many men out there be in suit, for many reasons. But from time to time, break the rule, wear a suit and tie and just let the woman in your life enjoy the spectacular man you are. This cause the same effect that when a woman make her hair or her nails and dress well. I will share here some ties that I like. Later I will make a similar post, but with suits. I have not forget you. I will try to make this space useful for all.

You can get a good tie at different stores: Brooks and Brothers, Dillard’s, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Sack Fifth Avenue, Jos A Bank and more more…







Saks With Avenue