Do you follow the fashion trends?

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” —Yves Saint Laurent

How you choose your outfits? Do you follow the latest fashion trends? In my case, I love to look for the color of the season, for what is just in fashion. I truly enjoy watch good fashion shows and also magazines. I get ideas from all around. But when I am selecting the outfit I will buy or wear, I just follow my insist and what I like. Something could be in fashion and I do not like it or something could be out fashion and I like it. I always try to be myself and loyal to my own particular style. It is very important to dress for the occasion. I believe it is better to be overdress than underdressed. Here you will find one selection I made from one of those website I love to visit. Among these dresses you will find one of the dresses our first lady Melania wore in the past, for me it was just perfect. Hope you enjoy my today selection. You can find them at