Swarovski, A Diamond for everyone…

I truly love the bright of the Swarovski pieces of art, in Jewelry or in decoration articles for home. The Swarovski lamps are also an stunning addition to anyone home. The light travel and cross the crystal, forming little magical moments, sometimes creating rainbows of colors. They converge happiness and dreams. Here you have a selection of jewelry and also some decorating articles for your home  office space. Wish you like them all as much as me. You can acquire them at Swarovski





“It sounds like a fairy-tale, but not only that; this story of what man by his science and practical inventions has achieved on this earth, where he first appeared as a weakly member of the animal kingdom, and on which each individual of his species must ever again appear as a helpless infant… is a direct fulfilment of all, or of most, of the dearest wishes in his fairy-tales. All these possessions he has acquired through culture. Long ago he formed an ideal conception of omnipotence and omniscience which he embodied in his gods. Whatever seemed unattainable to his desires – or forbidden to him – he attributed to these gods. One may say, therefore, that these gods were the ideals of his culture. Now he has himself approached very near to realizing this ideal, he has nearly become a god himself. But only, it is true, in the way that ideals are usually realized in the general experience of humanity. Not completely; in some respects not at all, in others only by halves. Man has become a god by means of artificial limbs, so to speak, quite magnificent when equipped with all his accessory organs; but they do not grow on him and they still give him trouble at times… Future ages will produce further great advances in this realm of culture, probably inconceivable now, and will increase man’s likeness to a god still more.” ― Sigmund Freud, Civilization and Its Discontents

I wish I could be like this seagull, free, getting high on the sky. Reaching the top of my dreams. Be always near the sea. Enjoying the breeze. I wish I could fly and feel that no one is anchoring me to the ground again. One day my wishes will come true, and I will be happy again. For now I continue living inside my story book, filling each page with many more dreams.

Time ago, I made the impossible and one of my dreams came to reality, I met an amazing man, one that I dreamed to meet. The people who took me to his encounter told me: “do you believe in fairy tales?” A Dream is A Wish Your Heart Makes” He is with me, always, he is part of my dreams and my reality. He is the force that make me believe. He and only him know what  I carry inside me. Thanks Dad, thanks for your love, care and for trusting in me. I love you.


I have always liked fashion, I have dreamed about many outfits that I have not been able to acquire. But I have also accepted what I have in life and be thankful for that. I enjoy finding new outfits, articles that I would like to own for myself and share them with all. If others can buy them and make their dreams reality, I am equally happy. I wish one day I could be able to buy the clothes and accessories I like for my daughter and myself. I wish one they I could dress better and find happiness opening my closet. But until that day become a reality, I will equally enjoy what my eyes like and will continue bringing all I found to this little space. Wish you like today combination like me.


Dresses, shoes and earrings from: modaoperandi.com




“You’ll learn, as you get older, that rules are made to be broken. Be bold enough to live life on your terms, and never, ever apologize for it. Go against the grain, refuse to conform, take the road less traveled instead of the well-beaten path. Laugh in the face of adversity, and leap before you look. Dance as though EVERYBODY is watching. March to the beat of your own drummer. And stubbornly refuse to fit in.” ― Mandy Hale, The Single Woman: Life, Love, and a Dash of Sass

Sometimes you do not want to be the center of attention, but you irremediably get all the eyes on the room over you. Why? You have your own fashion style, for example. You dare to mix different textures and shapes. You use the colors that do not belong to the season.


Bag from: lordandtaylor.com, nail cover from: violetgrey.com, shoes from: farfetch.com, jeans from: lordandtaylor.com, coat from: alexandermcqueen.com, top from: stylebop.com


Sunglasses from: mytheresa.com, hat from: yoins.com, handbag from: matchesfashion.com, shoes from: charlotterusse.com, skirt from: yoins.com, top from: yoins.com


Top from: neimanmarcus.com, coat from: gucci.com, jeans from: net-a-porter.com, shoes from: net-a-porter.com, handbag from: saksfifthavenue.com, earrings from: net-a-porter.com, ring from: net-a-porter.com, sunglasses from: net-a-porter.com


Jumpsuit from: renttherunway.com, handbag from: farfetch.com, earrings from: annesisteron.com, shoes from: therealreal.comfarfetch.comsaksfifthavenue.comtherealreal.com


Top  from: farfetch.com, pant from: modaoperandi.com, shoes from: net-a-porter.comsaksfifthavenue.comgilt.com, handbag from: wolfandbadger.comfarfetch.comebags.comfwrd.com, earrings from: anntaylor.comaccessorize.combrownsfashion.com

St. Patrick’s Day

May you always have…
Walls for the winds
A roof for the rain
Tea beside the fire
Laughter to cheer you
Those you love near you
And all your heart might desire.


Cardigan from: yoox.com, skirt from: lastcall.com, top from: etsy.com, shoes from: macys.com, handbag from: shoebuy.com, earrings from: biddymurphy.com, sunglasses from: toms.com


Nail color from: macys.com, necklace from: fredmeyerjewelers.com, earrings from: shopbop.com, shoes from: halston.com, dresses from: farfetch.comrevolve.com


Dress from: marissacollections.com, handbag from: yoox.com, earrings from: neimanmarcus.com, scarf from: forzieri.com, shoes from: barneys.commytheresa.com


Earrings from: novica.com, dress from: neimanmarcus.com, scarf from: etsy.com, shoes from: heels.com


Earrings from: sophiescloset.com, handbag from: bloomingdales.com, shoes from: solesociety.com, jeans from: ae.com


Handbag from: farfetch.com, shoes from: mytheresa.comtheoutnet.comfarfetch.com, skirt from: theoutnet.com, coat from: farfetch.com, shirt from: marissacollections.com


Brooch from: etsy.com, dress from: stylebop.com, coat from: fashionmia.com, shoes from: newchic.com, perfume from: neimanmarcus.com


Sunglasses from: farfetch.comselfridges.comtrouva.comlulus.com, handbag from: popmap.com, shoes from: nordstrom.comshoebuy.comlordandtaylor.comshoebuy.com,  shorts from: theoutnet.commoschino.comifchic.com, skirt from: amazon.com, t-shirt from: zazzle.com


Handbag from: silkfred.com, shoes from: lucluc.com, dress from: mytheresa.com


Handbag from: stylebop.com, shoes from: farfetch.com, blazer from: theoutnet.com, dress from: theoutnet.com


Scarf from: etsy.com, skirt from: eBay.com, t-shirt from:zazzle.com, handbag from: zazzle.com, shoes from: ninewest.com


earrings from: barneys.com, skirt from: eBay.com, handbag from: gucci.com, shoes from: tjmaxx.com, top from: choies.com


Handbag from: shopbop.com, shoes from: ebay.com, pants from: fashionoutfit.com, , top from: etsy.com


Dresses from: snobswap.comtheoutnet.comflannels.com, shoes from: aldoshoes.comyoox.comyoox.com, handbag from: portero.com, earrings from; biddymurphy.com


Top from: stylebop.com, nail coat from: target.com, handbag from: gilt.com, shoes from: luisaviaroma.com, skirt from: 1stdibs.com


Handbag from: modaoperandi.com, shoes from: modaoperandi.com, Top from: gojane.com,  short from: stylebop.com


Handbag from: marissacollections.com, dress from: marissacollections.comneimanmarcus.com, ring from: lordandtaylor.comnet-a-porter.com, earrings from: truefacet.com, shoes from: nordstrom.comtherealreal.com


Dress from: matchesfashion.com, shoes from: bloomingdales.com, handbag from: barneys.com


Sunglasses form: stylebop.com, earrings from: shopbop.com, handbag from: tjmaxx.com, shoes from: neimanmarcus.com, skirt from: farfetch.com, blazer from: belk.com, top from: farfetch.com


🇺🇸 President’s Day 🇺🇸

“The world has never had a good definition of the word liberty, and the American people, just now, are much in want of one. We all declare for liberty; but in using the same word we do not all mean the same thing. With some the word liberty may mean for each man to do as he pleases with himself, and the product of his labor; while with others, the same word may mean for some men to do as they please with other men, and the product of other men’s labor. Here are two, not only different, but incompatible things, called by the same name — liberty. And it follows that each of the things is, by the respective parties, called by two different and incompatible names — liberty and tyranny.” – Abraham Lincoln

Tomorrow is President’s Day, I want to congratulate all those men  (some day we will have a woman among them too)  that represented the American values and were in charge of USA. They all gave to these land many years of their lives, they kept the nation running and safe. I am pretty sure they endured many difficulties and in every single case they did what they could and what they thought could be better for all. No one is exempt of mistakes. They are human after all. They are and were men with integrity, honor and deep love for this land and its people. Thanks for all the sacrifices you did.

Inspired by this day I tried to make some outfits using the colors of our flag. In some cases I  gave you more than one option, for you to choose what you like the most.

Have a good morning, I wish you can enjoy your day.


Ring from: annesisteron.com, sunglasses from: stylebop.com, nail paint from: gucci.com, earrings from: net-a-porter.com, handbag from: lordandtaylor.com, shoes from: neimanmarcus.com, dress from: matchesfashion.com


Top from: stylebop.com, coat from: stylebop.com, pants from: stylebop.com, shoes from: stevemadden.com, handbag from: luisaviaroma.com, nail cover from: harrods.com, perfume from: lordandtaylor.com, lipstick from: macys.com


Tops from: net-a-porter.comneimanmarcus.com, handbag from: nordstrom.com, earrings from: debenhams.com, perfume from: belk.com, shoes from: tradesy.com, skirt from; runway2street.com


Handbags from: dorothyperkins.comshopbop.com1stdibs.com, shoes from: barneys.comluisaviaroma.comluisaviaroma.com, romper from: bluefly.com, earrings from: shopbop.commarni.comjohnlewis.comnet-a-porter.com


Sunglasses from: gucci.com, handbag from: monnierfreres.com, shoes from: theoutnet.com, pant from: modaoperandi.com, top from: riverisland.com


Earrings from: neimanmarcus.com, handbag from: dior.com, shoes from: barneyswarehouse.com, jacket from: neimanmarcus.com, dress from: landsend.com


Shoes from: charlotterusse.com, handbag from: shopbop.com, jean from: ifchic.com, blazer from: ifchic.com, sweater from: farfetch.com


Sunglasses from: nordstrom.com, scarf from: nordstrom.com, handbag from: neimanmarcus.com, shoes from: theoutnet.comluisaviaroma.com, dress from: matchesfashion.com


Handbag from: wolfandbadger.com, shoes from: sammydress.com, dresses from: sammydress.comsammydress.com, hat from: lanecrawford.com


Dress from: vestiairecollective.com, shoes from: bergdorfgoodman.com, hat from: lanecrawford.com


Top from: withchic.com, pant from: matchesfashion.com, shoes from: boohoo.com, handbag from: net-a-porter.com, sunglasses from: net-a-porter.com, bracelet from: hopbop.com


Lipstick from: bloomingdales.com, shoes from: nordstrom.com, handbag from: net-a-porter.com, earrings from: kohls.com, Top from: withchic.com, pant from: stellamccartney.com


Tops from: farfetch.comlordandtaylor.com, skirt from: net-a-porter.com, shoes from: gucci.com, handbag from: luisaviaroma.com, sunglasses from: bergdorfgoodman.com

Color your Life

“My sweet strawberry,
Your frowning eyebrows, almond eyes, pomegranate lips and cherry nail fingers
Does not make me love you limitless
Nor your sweet smiles, lovely jokes, and charming glances
It is you; that makes smile sweet, glances lovely and eyes gorgeous
Over and over again I see thousands everyday smiling and frowning;
But they all seem tasteless
It is you, as always the most perfect and unique
― M.F. Moonzajer

Good Morning my dear readers, I have been working this week in outfits full of colors. More ideas coming out soon. Hope you enjoy them.


Shoes from: barneys.com, earrings from: saksfifthavenue.com, handbag from: barneys.com, skirt from: chicwish.com, top from: coast-stores.com


Hat from: nordstromrack.com, earring from: wolfandbadger.com, handbag from: selfridges.com, shoes from: brownsfashion.com, dress from: matchesfashion.com


Dress from: johnlewis.com, shoes from: saksfifthavenue.com, handbag from: portero.com, earrings from: annesisteron.com


Cuff from: matchesfashion.com, sunglasses from: selfridges.com, earrings from: lastcall.com, shoes from: yoox.com, dress from: matchesfashion.com


Scarf from: luisaviaroma.com, earrings from: brownsfashion.com, handbag from: rebelle.com, shoes from: gucci.com,coat from: fwrd.com

Blue and Yellow Outfits

“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.” ― Kahlil Gibran


Necklace from: www.bluenile.com, perfume from: Bloomingdales.com, handbag from: Henribendel.com, earrings from: bluenile.com, shoes from: therealreal.com, dresses from: runway2street.comtheoutnet.comAsos.com


Skirt from: shesimply.com, top from: cichic.com, handbag from: lastcall.com, hat from: jet.com, bracelet from: macys.com, shoes from: eBay.com


Dress from: matchesfashion.comfratellikarida.com, handbag from: gucci.com, watch from: asos.com, sunglasses from: unique-vintage.com


Dresses from: farfetch.comifchic.comwolfandbadger.commodaoperandi.comfarfetch.com, perfume from: belk.com, belt from: opensky.com, shoes from: net-a-porter.comnet-a-porter.comsavannahs.com, earrings from: bonanza.comshamelesslysparkly.comshamelesslysparkly.comstatementbaubles.com, handbag from: lightinthebox.com


Tights from: farfetch.com, shoes from: 6pm.com, clutch from: zappos.com, watch from: swarovski.com, earring from: belk.com, necklace from: annesisteron.com, ring from: annesisteron.com, iPhone case from: groupon.com, hat from: luxurydivas.com, perfume from: lacoste.com, nail cover from: macys.com, make up from: modalist.com