Shabby Chic

“My style changes every day. I would say its casual chic.” ~ Chiara Ferragni


BedSheet set,




ChandelierArtTable Lamp


Peony FlowersTray TableDesk ClockAngel WingsPitcherLanternBookend Set



Swarovski, A Diamond for everyone…

I truly love the bright of the Swarovski pieces of art, in Jewelry or in decoration articles for home. The Swarovski lamps are also an stunning addition to anyone home. The light travel and cross the crystal, forming little magical moments, sometimes creating rainbows of colors. They converge happiness and dreams. Here you have a selection of jewelry and also some decorating articles for your home  office space. Wish you like them all as much as me. You can acquire them at Swarovski



New Finding

Hi by beloved readers, I have not posted in a while, life sometimes take us for undisclosable paths. But I have thought in you all, I was missing my time here with you all and making some time to write at least some quick thoughts. I have to work more in this blog and the others that I have in parallel with this. Why? Because I want to keep myself busy, really busy, doing things I like to do. Sometimes I stop for a while and I become an amateur writer. Others time I walk across the city detecting people needing help, people breaking the law, doing interviews to some passers and finding our how our governor is doing. I also walk at the stores and give them tips to improve the sells. I gather the young and give them lectures about appropriate behavior, manners, dress code and also, why no, about finding their true passion and also love. I cannot complain. It is amazing to be among so many people, and do what we love. We need to continue working together in order to bring more happiness to more families out there.

Well, today, I want to celebrate that the Spring just arrived. It makes me terrible happy to know that we will be looking at blossom flowers all over the place. I found some little articules perfect for our homes. Sorry my handsome men, my today post is more women style. But well you can also buy this for your other half, I guarantee you at least a good dinner.

Can you visualize a wall at your kitchen or dinning room with these decorative plates? They have very soft colors and a touch of nature.


Or what about decorative plates with the initials of the member of the family?


To give the final touch, we cannot miss a coffee mug, these are to dying for, specially the unicorn mug.


You can acquire this at:

Her Dream Room..

via Daily Prompt: Specific

“Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style.” Billy Baldwin

It was time to remodel her room now she is not that little girl anymore. Mom cannot make her own choices about the decoration. That little girl is now a teenager with her specific taste of fashion and decor, with a voice.

She picked a palette of grey, white, and pink. She wants everything very simple and modern. Clear lines and light. She is specific about every single detail she wants and prefers.


Nightstand: Furniture of America from for $200

Dresser: Furniture of America from for $500

Plataform Bed: From Joss and for $300

Desk: From for $113



Grey Quilt Set: From for $100

Light Pink Sheet Set: From for $18

Set of two pink pillows: From for $25

Pink and grey pillow: From for 12




Wall Art: From Etzy for $30 each one

Chandelier Lamp: From for $205

Owls: From for $20

Table Lamps: From for $130

Pineapple Decor: From for $27

Mirror: From Target for $40