Men Suits

“Looking good isn’t self-importance; it’s self-respect.”– Charles Hix

No idea in which book says that women cannot help men to choose their clothes. I have always think that help our partners to find the best clothes for him is a good thing. What happens is that sometimes people are so incompatible, that they do not even agree in their taste for fashion. Also there are men that do not care for the clothes they wear and they do not accept suggestions of anyone of how to look better. It is a sad reality for families out there and even more sad when others support the idea of that kind of individuality, justifying things  that are totally irrational and no sense. Here I will share with you all some suits and coats that I would like to see on the man I love. Later I will make a selection of more casual looks for every day use and also men shoes.



Jos Bank




Sacks Fifth Avenue