A Rose…

“Maybe there’s a whole other universe where a square moon rises in the sky, and the stars laugh in cold voices, and some of the triangles have four sides, and some have five, and some have five raised to the fifth power of sides. In this universe there might grow roses which sing. Everything leads to everything.” ― Stephen King


Be the rose of the garden wearing this velvet red dress from Asos for $37..



The Wedding Ring I Never Had..

“With all the strength; Love encompasses compassion, determination, tolerance, endurance, support, faith and acceptance of whom you love.” ― Auliq Ice

I was born in a country where an engagement ring and a wedding ring are almost impossible to acquire. Later we move to US, but we have postponed all this time buying the ring and gave priority to other things, well to be honest, my husband never think about it. I dream that one day he will surprise me and give a me ring, does not matter the price or shape, for me what counts are the intentions. But for him a ring is just a piece of stone, it does not have the significancy that it has for me.  I know that for all of us as women, it is an illusion, the moment that the ring is given and the form is given will mark an important milestone on the relation, a day to be remember for ever. A ring is symbol that we are marriage and we love our husbands, we wear the ring to show others our happiness and compromise.The shape and price of the engagement and wedding rings are very diverse. I believe the market have for all an option.

I will share a little secret with you, I decided two years ago, after so many years waiting for my rings, to by my own rings, I did not spend much, it was like $40 in total, I found them on amazon.com. I cannot say I am sad because I do not have the rings of my dreams, what it bother me more it is that my husband never thought in buy me no even a thin band. But well we cannot force things to happen, for the magic to be there, to enjoy the moment, all have to happen naturally. Somedays ago, my lovely aunt complemented my ring, I was tented to tell her the truth, but I rather to let her believe my rings are all the best they could be.

Here you have the rings I brought for $40


My dreamed rings, could be a set of rose gold and morganite for $700 or a Van Cleef and Arpels ring for $7250, which is very unique. However, I do not count to be surprised with them ever. But I would like to inspire others with my post and help them to find the ring of their dreams.


Rings from Ritani.com, you can find a ring for  ~ $1250 – $2000


Rings from Cartier.com, I am not fan of any design, I prefer her wedding bands, which are very simple and reasonable price from $1200 and more.


Rings from Tiffany.com, I love almost all of them, the most simple is my favorite, but the prices are totally out the reach for me, you can get a ring for $12500 and more.


Rings from Harrywinston.com. They are very unique rings, but truly expensive, the price go up from $12000 to much more.


Ring from Since1910.com, Verragio has a big and very diverse collection of engagement and wedding rings, the prices are between $2000 and $4000. They all are very pretty and unique.


I hope this  post help you to open your mind to see the many options of engagement and wedding rings on the market. Remember, it is not the price or shape what matter. What is more important is the love of your husband.

Asymmetric Dress

via Daily Prompt: Uneven

Who could think in an uneven hemline dress at this time of the year with the temperatures going down? Me, in the same instant that  I read about this new contest of the Daily Post came to my mind uneven  skirts and dresses. This style was in fashion during the last season. It could be used for casual and formal outfits. It is a playful and sexy style. Also, It could favor the legs, when worn at the right length legs can look longer. However, I have to admit that took me sometime to find a piece of uneven hemline clothing that I could wear myself, It is definitely not my favorite design. Hope you like the dress I found..


Earrings from Blingjewelry.com for $25

Dress from Revolve.com for $413

Sandals from Nordstrom for $90

Clutch from Nordstrom for $25

Work Attires 2

I started yesterday with the serie of Work Attires, I have tried to look always for the best price, even so, in this delivery I will use some brand names and expensive articles. Hope you enjoy these new collections, the combinations are unlimited.



Dress from Hugoboss.com for $625

Shoes from DSW.com for $50

Purse from Dooney.com for $154

Sunglasses from Sierratradingpost.com for $50



Dress from Hugoboss.com for $648

Handbag from Jmclaughlin.com for $140

Shoes from Nordstrom.com for $78

Earrings from Poshmark.com for $16

Ring from Palmbeachjewelry.com for $45


Necklace from Zappos.com for $52

Earrings from Zappos.com for $80

Boots from Ninewest.com for $70

Dress from Hugoboss.com for $145

Jacket from Sears.com for $180

Sunglasses from Pretavoir.co.uk for $195


Handbag from Macys.com for $120

Shoes from Ninewest.com for $40

Dress from Hugoboss.com for $798

Sunglasses from Visio-net.com for $189

Earrings from Tradesy.com for $35



Work Attires 1

I will a start with a classic combination, the black suit.


Pant from Thelimited.com  for $30

Blazer from Thelimited.com for $65

Grey blouse from Thelimited.com for $25

Red blouse from Thelimited.com for $35

Earrings from Thesterlingstar.com for $32

Shoes from DSW.com for $50

Purse from 6pm for $32


Boots from Macy’s for $150

Handbag from Macy’s for $128

Dress from Thelimited.com for $45

Necklace from Etsy for $8

Earrings from Etsy for $8


Dress from Thelimited.com for $45

Booties from Jcpenney.com for $90

Handbag from Aldoshoes.com for $30

Sunglasses from Ezcontacts.com for $92

Earrings from Charmingcharlie.com for $10

Tights from Modcloth.com for $13


Necklace from Elder-Beerman.com for 42

Earrings from Macys.com for $24

Dress from Thelimited.com for $40

Handbag from Macys.com for $134

Shoes from Jet.com for $58

Golden Globes Fashion..

I made a selection of the my favorite dresses of the night and tried to find a similar option on the market at a good price, I am sharing what I found. ndls.jpg

Dress from Jjshouse.com for $132

Bow brooch from Blingjewelry.com for $13


Dress 1 from Bjsbridal.com for $85

Dress 2 from Jjshouse.com for $185


Dress 1 from Belk.com for $71

Dress 2 from Dresswe.com for $116


Dress 1 from Davidsbridal.com for $350

Dress 2 from Jjshouse.com for $176


Dress 1 from Zappos.com for $219

Dress 2 from 6pm.com for $93

Inside and Out..

via Daily Prompt: Infinite

Yesterday was a pleasant day, I woke up early and took my daughter to the mall. I have not taken a time off, just for myself in a very long time. Since I will have to wait for my daughter, I decided to walk and look what was going on the stores. I entered the new Zara store, and fall in love with the European clothing, they have very exclusive and uniques combinations very appropriate for the winter season. I continued my exploration of the mall and as usual I stopped at Victoria Secret, they had a big sale, I do not remember exactly now, but it was something like 5 panties for $15. They have big piles of panties at that price, people were like crazy touching and looking for the best choice out the pile. I felt disappointment, the quality of the panties were really bad, and the colors to flashy for my taste, but well why I am complaining, the price was a token on these times.

I  believe we should pay equal attention to our underwear as we do to our clothing. I love to match my underwear and use pretty and comfortable styles, even so I am the only one seeing it. I prefer light colors and lace, but I am open to the infinite options available. Here you have some pretty set of underwear. One of my favorite stores is Adoreme.com, take a look and let me know what you think. They have a great selections to satisfy different tastes of matching bras and panties.


Set from Adorme.com for $24 if it is your first set, regular price $40


Ted Baker from Asos.com for $47