Bangles Love..

“It’s not what you have on the outside that glitters in light, it’s what you have on the inside that shines in the dark.” ― Anthony Liccione

The most amazing thing about fashion is  that we can be versatile, find the look we are looking for, and wear the accessories with pieces of clothing we like without the necessity of breaking the bank. Of course I would love to have $6000 to buy the original Cartier bangle, but  I can also be happy with a Kate Spade bangle that you can find at Nordstrom for $48 or Henri Bendel bangle for $118. If you check their website, you could find this bangle in more colors.

Kate Spade
Henri Bendel

A Wonderful Opportunity

“I love black because it affirms, designs and styles. A woman in a black dress is a pencil stroke.” — Yves Saint Laurent

It is always a good time to get a beautiful dress, and French Connection has a big sale. I found a long black dress with red roses in this store for $190; The original price was more than $300. The dress is elegant, unique, classic, and comfortable. This dress was worn by Giovanna Fletcher. Unfortunately, the shoes she used, which were very comfortable, are already out of stock.

Take a look!a.jpg


via Daily Prompt: Tempted

“The stiletto is a feminine weapon that men just don’t have.” ― Christian Louboutin

I have been tempted to stop writing, trying, but something in me is bigger than myself. Temptation is a serious thing. You have to have self-control and self-determination  to not fall victim to temptation. This blog is about fashion and what can provoke more temptation than a piece of jewelry, clothes, shoes, or home decor. For a a very long time I have been in love with the Valentino shoes; You can get them for almost $1000 at any high end store like Saks Fifth Avenue, but I found a version of the Valentino’s shoes I wanted for just $32 on amazon.

Valentino shoes from Amazon

Options for All

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” – Coco Chanel

Who remembers the white dress Melania Trump used in one of her public appearances? She looked stunning, and the dress marked a new trend in fashion. Her white dress was made by Roksanda and cost $1612. If you like that fashion trend, you can find similar designs at more affordable prices: like the version of New York And Company for ~ $32 – $74. They have that dress in different colors and fabrics. I know already that the white dress is out of stock because I had the dress on my shopping bag and I lost the opportunity to get it.

Do you follow the fashion trends? Or do you choose pieces that go well with your body shape and you like? I always prefer to look for what I like. A style or piece of clothing could be a current fashion trend, but if I do not like it or it doesn’t look well on me, I do not use or buy it.




Dress Better for Less..

“Buy less, choose well.” – Vivienne Westwood

Time can sometimes give us the best option at the best price. Giovanna Fletcher used a dress that I liked in a public event . When I looked for the dress I found a version of it for $99.99 at, but looking a little more allowed me to find a dress that I liked more at better price. Just $36 at I am passionate about fashion, and I like to dress well and save money. I pay for what I like, but sometimes what I like is a brand name article which is very expensive. However, sometimes it is something very simple with an excellent price. The idea is to choose the piece of clothing that best fits our body shape and gives us confidence. What do you think about it? What dress do you like the most?