Lit your Day!

“Like most little girls, I found the lure of grown-up accessories astonishing – lipstick, perfume, hats and gloves. When I write female characters in my historical novels, getting these details right is vital.” ― Sara Sheridan

There styles that never go out fashion, love those outfits with light colors and a touch of old times. Dare to be different, to go out and conquer the world with the right hat you will be notice from the distance and never forgotten. Make a difference and create your unique style. With love for all of you, some outfit to get you inspire.



Dresses from:, Shoes from: Handbags from:, Scarves from:, Hast from:


Author: allurelively

This is the most crazy fashion lover ever, addicted to fashion magazines, beauty blogs, fashion shows, the one that go and fill the shopping bags of all her favorite online stores. Because of that I decided to turn that passion for fashion in something more productive, this blog, allurelively.wordpress. com. I want to share my passion with all of you. On my free time I love to read, write and take photos. For inquiries you can reach me at

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