Valentine’s Day Message

To me, fair friend, you never can be old,
For as you were, when first your eye I ey’d,
Such seems your beauty still. Three winters cold
Have from the forests shook three summers’ pride,
Three beauteous springs to yellow autumn turn’d
In process of the seasons have I seen,
Three April perfumes in three hot Junes burn’d,
Since first I saw you fresh, which yet are green.
Ah! yet doth beauty, like a dial-hand,
Steal from his figure and no pace perceiv’d;
So your sweet hue, which methinks still doth stand,
Hath motion and mine eye may be deceiv’d:
For fear of which, hear this, thou age unbred;
Ere you were born, was beauty’s summer dead.

Dear all, do you think I have forgotten you all? No, never ever. I had a busy day, because of that I could not publish my every day post or a message of love for you, my readers, my friends living in far away cities. Now, I cannot just do anything else at home if I do not stop here to say how happy I am to count with all of you. Your likes and comments have been important part of my stimulus to keep going, keep trying. I wish you have had an amazing day, full of surprises, love and happiness. In my case on this day,  I like to stay home, cooked something yummy, with a spoon of love and pint of magic. I like to talk about books, movies, music or anything. Look at the stars. I like to kiss, hug, love and laugh, I love simplicity.


The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails. – William Arthur Ward

For all of you in love with the beach, for those romantic, that enjoy the sound of the waves breaking on the shore, the smell of the sea, the soft breeze playing with your hair and the, here you have some outfits that match with that nautical mood.

ds.jpgTop from:, Shoes from:, Iphone cover from:, Bangle from:, Clutch from:, Earring from:, Short from:


I loved all those nautical theme watches, some are more expensive than the others.

Top from:, Jeans from:, Shoes from:, Watches from: Earrings from:, Necklace from:, Head bow:, Handbag from:


Top from:, Short from:, Flip flops from:, Handbag from:, Necklace and earrings set from:, Sunglasses form:


,Pants, Sweater from:, Handbag from:, Shoes from:, Cellphone cover from:


Top from:, Short from:, Sandals from:, Handbag from:, Earrings from:, Sunglasses from:


Scarf from:, Dress from:, Shoes from:, Handbag from:, Watch from:, Necklace from:


Jeans from:, Top from:, Sweater from:, Flat shoes from:, Handbag from:, Earrings from:, Scarf from:, Sunglasses from:


The outfit to the left is less expensive that the outfit to the right.

Tank top from:, Skirt from:, Handbag from:, Sandals from:, Skirt from:, Top from:





Author: allurelively

This is the most crazy fashion lover ever, addicted to fashion magazines, beauty blogs, fashion shows, the one that go and fill the shopping bags of all her favorite online stores. Because of that I decided to turn that passion for fashion in something more productive, this blog, allurelively.wordpress. com. I want to share my passion with all of you. On my free time I love to read, write and take photos. For inquiries you can reach me at

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