“Among the tales of sorrow and of ruin that came down to us from the darkness of those days there are yet some in which amid weeping there is joy and under the shadow of death light that endures. And of these histories most fair still in the ears of the Elves is the tale of Beren and Lúthien” ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Silmarillion

I love to watch at shadows of the trees through out different season. Every one has it peculiar characteristics and color contracts, I particularly love the winter. It really splendiferous when we have all covered with snow, blue sky and the sun let filter its rays across the naked trees. It gives the idea of a fantastic city, look like a typical world coming out of a fantasy book or those Disney tales.


Since we are talking about shadows, I will introduce here a Make Up artist that I love. She has a very extensive collection and give amazing tips on her website. She has posted videos and also step by step instructions of how to get the best result using her products. Charlotte Tilbury is a British make up artist, born in London. I invite you to check her website. Below you will find a picture or her, also of a shadow that allows us to enhance our natural color. For step by step instruction of you to apply the shadow and complete the look go to:

The shadow applied on the model is Color Chameleon, Ambar Haze.



Author: allurelively

This is the most crazy fashion lover ever, addicted to fashion magazines, beauty blogs, fashion shows, the one that go and fill the shopping bags of all her favorite online stores. Because of that I decided to turn that passion for fashion in something more productive, this blog, allurelively.wordpress. com. I want to share my passion with all of you. On my free time I love to read, write and take photos. For inquiries you can reach me at

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