The Unexpected Day


“Our critics make us strong!
Our fears make us bold!
Our haters make us wise!
Our foes make us active!
Our obstacles make us passionate!
Our losses make us wealthy!
Our disappointments make us appointed!
Our unseen treasures give us a
known peace!

Whatever is designed against us will work for us!”
― Israelmore Ayivor, The Great Hand Book of Quotes

For me human relations are a primordial part of life. Family and friends are an essential part of my every day thoughts.  Then for a very long time I have been reconnecting with old friends around the world, friends that I have not seen in more than a decade sometimes. Recently I found a friend that was also a coworker, she is living in Venezuela, I was super happy to see her pictures and I made very sweet and nice comments for her. Unfortunately some people are very sincere and cannot control themselves. Her first words for me made me feel so bad, she told me: Daisy you are so fat, I almost did not recognize you. Maybe she did not want to hurt me, to criticize me, but the impact was very negative on me. I have been taking a medication that make me gain weight. I am doing diet and exercises, but I have not been able to lose the extra weight. She broke my heart, I always focus my attention in people, in how they are, in what matter. I have never measured others for their physical appearances, I am very selective in my comments and what I tell others. I do not like to make others feel bad. I believe we should only criticize others if it is to do some good, never ever to put a person down. Well, the moment just happened and it is part of the past. I want to be able to forget it forever. I do not carry any hard feeling toward her. We cannot get offended with the truth, even so it could be hard to accept.


Now I will make you another sad story about a person criticizing me. When I moved from Miami to Ohio, I moved without idea how to live in a cold weather, even less I was aware of the culture of the area in which  I was settling. One day I went to the bank wearing a pair of jean, a black tank top and also black flip flops, the person who helped me there, told me that I should not wear those kind of clothes, that it was not appropriated to wear tank top. I know that it was an advice and also maybe without bad intention, but her critics made me feel very uncomfortable. I was not even overweight at that time.

Well dear readers, here you have a very simple outfit similar to the one I used that day. I wish you can give well use and like it.


Clutch from:, Necklace from:, Tank Top from:, Jeans from:, Flip-flops from:


Author: allurelively

A hopeless romantic with passion for reading and writing. I love to create stories, sometimes real, about life

3 thoughts on “The Unexpected Day”

    1. I know, I am not complaining for that a lot, but It made me feel bad. You do not go out there telling other how they should dress, even less people that you do not know. It was a sunny day, and you can trust me, I am very conservative, I was not vulgar or showing up a lot of skin or anything like that. Yes, I was simple and no dress for a party or job interview, I just went to the bank to update my account. I was not in a business meeting, you know, just random errands. I appreciate when people dress well and accordingly for a moment and a place. Thanks for visiting and your comment. You are always welcome.

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