Hair Styles

“If I want to knock a story off the front page, I just change my hairstyle.” ― Hillary Rodham Clinton

It is perfectly ok to have different hair styles, colors, types, do not even grey hair results a problem if we take good care of our hair. Our outfits will be not complete if we do not comb and have a hair style done. If you just do not care for your hair, will be like wearing a night dress with flip flops. When we find the perfect cut for our face share and the color that best fit us, we add another important and positve point to our image. I am a person that prefer to use my hair natural, do not change so much colors or cuts, but I always try to have my hair the best I can using my limit resources.  But I am aware that the ideal, will be to go to the salon or hairdresser at least one in a month. Then if you can spend part of your earning in going to the salon, do not doubt it, do it. Every time you do your hair, it is like a fresh start.

We all can look amazing, every single person has her own light inside, waiting to be lit.

I am sharing here some of my favorite cuts, styles, and hair updo, hope you enjoy them and can find something that fit your taste.










Author: allurelively

This is the most crazy fashion lover ever, addicted to fashion magazines, beauty blogs, fashion shows, the one that go and fill the shopping bags of all her favorite online stores. Because of that I decided to turn that passion for fashion in something more productive, this blog, allurelively.wordpress. com. I want to share my passion with all of you. On my free time I love to read, write and take photos. For inquiries you can reach me at

2 thoughts on “Hair Styles”

    1. Thanks, I am glad you like it. I believe all type of hairs can look awesome. Sometimes we have straight hair and we want it curly, and the opposite, we are like never satisfy how we are. We just need to embrace ourselves and make it shine. When I started looking for hair styles I could not stop or select on style in specific over other, all of them are really pretty and look super. At least for me, I mean for us now 🙂 Thanks again.

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