Shoes to Kill for..

“I never wear flats. My shoes are so high that sometimes when I step out of them, people look around in confusion and ask, “Where’d she go?” and I have to say, “I’m down here.”

I grew up in a very poor country, Cuba. For us all cost a lot, mom and dad worked long hours to cover the basis, but never we had much. In addition to that, in Cuba all was controlled for the government, even the quantities of articules and food you could buy. At the end of every year every family received a control card, on that card they were checking the  number of underwear, the pants, the polos, the dresses, the socks, the shoes..etc that you were authorized to buy at the store. As you can imagine, the stores were almost empty, the products were of very bad quality and the designs were ugly. I remember that by little bother was growing fast, and the only pair of shoes he had for school did not fit more, he had to used it like that for a very long time, until it was time again for use to have the authorization to buy a new pair of shoes. I had to go to college with a broken pair of shoes. I wanted to look well, you know how we are at the teenagers years, I wanted to be on fashion, but that was impossible on Cuba. I remember myself using a pair of shoes that belonged to my grand-mother, believe or no. Well, maybe because of all that necessities and that craving to acquire the things I liked it, I am kind of obsessive with shoes, or maybe it is just because I am a woman, and we all love shoes. Well, here you have a little displays of shoes I found on Sacks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and Lyst. They are expensive shoes, I have not been be able to buy any of those pair of shoes, I do not even have the shoes I would like to have or the one I need, I live a very modest life. But at least I know those shoes are there on the store, that someone can buy them. I am happy knowing that they will be in someone closet. I am happy making others happy, helping them to find its perfect pair of shoes or outfit. Maybe one day, I finally find that job that allow me to have a better life and also buy once in while the pair of shoes I dream for. Enjoy my friends, dear readers and followers, thanks for your company and attention, thanks for be part of my dream and happiness. If you ever buy any of the articules I am sharing here, please share the picture, let me congratulate you, enjoy your happiness and share an story about you.










Author: allurelively

This is the most crazy fashion lover ever, addicted to fashion magazines, beauty blogs, fashion shows, the one that go and fill the shopping bags of all her favorite online stores. Because of that I decided to turn that passion for fashion in something more productive, this blog, allurelively.wordpress. com. I want to share my passion with all of you. On my free time I love to read, write and take photos. For inquiries you can reach me at

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