“Good fashion is evolution, not revolution.” ~Pierre Balmain

Balmain is a booming French fashion brand thanks to this high-profile clique. In the past, the company had a collection  inspired by the #FreetheNipple movement, what caused Rihanna to be banned from instagram on 2014. Some of his designs are full of glitter, I particularly love their jackets designs.

Here some pieces designed by Balmain.










“Odors have a power of persuasion stronger than that of words, appearances, emotions, or will. The persuasive power of an odor cannot be fended off, it enters into us like breath into our lungs, it fills us up, imbues us totally. There is no remedy for it.” ― Patrick Süskind, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer


Did you watch the movie “Me before You”, in which a girl in a small town, Lou,  forms an unlikely bond with a recently-paralyzed man, Will, she’s taking care of? I watched and after that I received as gift the perfume “L’ARTISAN PARFUMEUR LA CHASSE AUX PAPILLONS EXTREME”  that Will told Lou to buy for her on a letter he left her after his death.

Will, “you have scored on my heart”. I wanted revive that last scene of the movie, the letter, bring you alive on the day of my birthday, that is just few days away, imagine that all that perfect love and romance from movies, it is true, it is possible. You told Lou on that special last letter to buy the perfume “L’ARTISAN PARFUMEUR LA CHASSE AUX PAPILLONS EXTREME,” Well I just received that perfume as gift for my birthday. I will use it on my special day, I will have a french breakfast too. You will no be here with me. Sometimes movies have a sad end and not all fairy tales have a happy ending. But for me all is symbolic, I will recreate a fictitious movie scene, make half of my dream real. I will sit and write for you, and for all those millions of characters that I brought to my real life from time to time, all of them have that part that I treasure, that bright and magnetism, that, “it just happens in movie”

Every time I use that scent I go back to the movie and enter to that surreal love that connect me with a ficticious story of love I created for myself.

We should not lamenting what we lost, we always should celebrate what we found. I have not lost the love of my life, I have just found a new way to connect with him. Well, in some days more I will celebrate my birthday with magic and I will do something different out of that day, my never ending movie and story of love and rejection. We all have a prince somewhere, exactly as we wish.

I will no stop this post here, it will be not complete if I do not share with you two of the very peculiar Lou outfits.


Sweater from:

Scarf from:

Skirt from:

Tights from:

Shoes from:


Sweater from:

Skirt from:

Shirt from:

Tights from:

Shoes from:

Valentino Garavani

“Elegance is the balance between PROPORTION, EMOTION & SURPRISE. ~Valentino Garavani”

Valentino has been on the market for over 5o years. He designed chic and glamorous clothes for   Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly and Jackie O. His designs are a piece of art, even so some are kind of extravagant. Many of his pieces are made using shades of cream,  orange, red, and, of course, black. He kept the high fashion pure throughout all the years he has been on the fashion industry. Some of his pieces are truly remarkable and take long hours to be made. Here you have a selection of some of his designs. Some dresses are truly expensive, reaching the $30.000.The Valentino rockstud pump is one of the most popular shoe design of the century.  They elevate any outfit, flatter the leg, and are elegant yet edgy, but cost approximately $1000. If you want a similar shoes, you can buy them at for about $32. I have pair of them in hunter green and I receive many compliments every time I wear them, they are also very comfortable.


















It is time already to replace the cold winter, the cold days for those warm days of summer. It is time to lift the heavy weight that this pine tree is carrying. The snow is all over the place. Temperatures are really low. Cars are dancing on the streets, moving chaotically from place to place. The replacement has not arrived yet. But we need it soon, right now!.

It is time to replace the winter clothes, it is time to bring those blue skies. Here you have combinations of items from two seasons, and those colors that make me think in summer and winter. Wish you enjoy this outfit.

Wait for my next delivery, Valentino clothing and accessories. Thanks for visiting it.


Coat from:

Sweater from:

Pants from:

Handbag from:

Shoes from:



“The yellow glistens.
It glistens with various yellows,
Citrons, oranges and greens
Flowering over the skin.”
― Wallace Stevens

Nothing could be more nutritious, healthy, refreshing than a Mango and Apricot smoothie. I wash well the fruits, cut them in small dices and put them in a ziploc bag on the freezer overnight. On the morning, I put the frozen fruits on the blender with half cup of vanilla yogurt and  I get that yellow cold fruit smoothie, a super healthy choice to start the day. Enjoy.



Yellow is a color that for me result difficult to wear, no everyone look well on yellow. I associate this color more with clothing for going to the beach or the swimming pool, maybe because it is to intense. Here you have wonderful and comfortable combination for those days of summer. Here comes the sun!



Dress from:

Shoes from:

Handbag from:

Elie Saab

“My personality resembles my designs to a large extent. I’m in sync with myself and I’m transparent, just like my designs.”~ Elie Saab

Elie Saab is a  Lebanese fashion designer.  His style is a unique fusion of western and eastern culture. He uses on his designs taffeta, organza, noble and satin paired with more fluid and light fabrics. Some of the dresses he has designed are truly expensive, you can find them for around $15000. Now, for all of you that would like to wear a dress designed by this man and cannot afford it, you can find them at for approximately $100, most probably a replica, but very well donezvbn.jpg



Happy Chinese New Year

“The beauty of a cheongsam is not in the fabric — fabrics can be purchased, but not the skills.”

In honor to all the readers celebrating the Chinese year, I am sharing today some typical Chinese dresses known as qipaos or cheongsams. I wish you all happiness, prosperity and longevity. Hope you enjoy my selection of dresses.

I love to wear a qipao too. I find that it is a very unique design that stand out and highlight the feminine body shape.

“Tailor-made qipaos or cheongsams used to be the epitome of haute couture for Chinese women in the early 1900s. Socialites of old Shanghai would anxiously await their turn for the tailor to measure them so that their qipao or cheongsam was a perfect fit for their body. The fitted dress allowed a woman to dress with elegance, grace and modesty while showing off her figure.

Today, the qipao and cheongsam still embodies these values and adds a unique flare to your wardrobe!”







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